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Everquest 2 Strikes Back…

I’ve probably logged 10x actual the time in actual gameplay since Feb 03. But here I am again… On new account number 4 or 5… Rip Trifonic/Triphonic On Isle oF Refuge. A friend plays it as a swash now named ballistx. Right now is actually a good time to jump back in if you are window shopping for an mmo. New expansion next month, Half off current offering and the usual sub price lest you have a few mil plat sitting around to start up the krono farm.

No worries about doing the ball buster epic 2.0

No really. They put in a Tour de Norrath tourist quest line which will get you 3/4 ascension sets to lvl 15 and one to lvl 20. Along with…. the epic 2.0 spells/buffs. Huzzah! I’ve made my new primary home on Antonia Bayle. It was my first home after Oasis was merged elsewhere, and where I raided with Equilibrium and After Dark.

I managed to catch up with a few folks that gave isle of refuge an honest shot during Rise of Kunark. And have settled in with them for the long haul.

So c’mon back and roll up on AB and have some fun. Once I get the groove going again I’m going to pull a new toon on Kaladim (soon to be at kingdom of sky era expansion) which is a progression server. AND for bonus I am going to do a night a week of eq1 time lock progression as well. Nothing is written in stone for the schedule buuuuuuut….

Minecraft Monday’s – Hardcore – Start time 12am CST – Running until 4am CST: Overtime 6am

Thrash & Mash Tuesday’s – Everquest or Everquest 2 – Start time 12am CST – Running until 6am possibly longer

Wet’n Wild Wednesday’s –  Elite Dangerous, Everquest, Everquest 2, Albion, Just Chatting AMA – Start time 12am CST – Running until 6am possibly longer

Thump’n Thursday’s – Games & Chill & Chat, AMA, Music – Start time 12am CST – Running till the wheels fall off or no one is watching

FPS Friday’s – Rust, pubg, apex – Trashbag express skillz – Start time 12am CST – Running until 4am CST: Overtime 6am

Sup, Sup Saturday’s – Potluck! – 12 Am – ?

Supposedly Sunday’s – Play it by ear (twitter) but I bet 12am – till the wheels fall off twice