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New Minecraft Are Servers Live!


First up is the new Velikovsky & Friend’s HARDCORE vanilla server. As always friendly. Survival. PVP. I’m excited to give this a shot. Just load up your java edition launcher latest vanilla version and add and come join the fun!



Now of course we all need a break from the hardcore and a place to just goof around and have fun with friends. Again as always friendly! Survival! PVP! Load up your java edition launcher latest vanilla version and add and come chill out with the gang!






I’d like to take this time to thank MCProhosting for partnering with us to bring Hardcore & Chill, Minecraft & Chill servers possible. For their outstanding support. I am a long time supporter and have used MCProhosting anytime I needed a minecraft host solution. There really is not any other choice if you want the hands on approach staff available outside of normal business hours. Never to busy to answer complex questions, or if its above your own pay grade (sometimes me) they will enact changes you have envisioned in order to bring your friends, and and soon to be new players all the features and smooth game play and up-time you have come to expect from the best in the business!

If you are looking for a new host or a first host I absolutely recommend giving MCProhosting a visit yourself.  Upon check out use the code Velikovsky for an extra 15% off your hosting services!

Now for some content creation! If you are interested in participating in some streaming which will ultimately end up edited for youtube and shared world wide you can leave a comment below, message me on while I’m live, mail me:, or by adding me on discord Velikovsky#6276. Or you can join The official Velikovsky’s Worlds In Collision Discord: